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Skylink Property Management provides a comprehensive property service including property sales, investment and management to our clients. Based on Gold Coast and Brisbane regions, Skylink Property Management is offering our clients exceptional and professional services. We strive to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them and ensure that your experience is both profitable and totally satisfying.

We will provide professional rent appraisal services to the owners

It is important for the investment property owners to know how much the property could be rented out. With the accurate and professional rent appraisal, the rent price will be happily accepted by the prospective tenants and the owner will also be beneficial from it. Skylink Property Management is endeavoring to provide clients the most accurate rent appraisal to maximize the rental returns. 

We understand how important property advertising could be

Skylink Property Management has multiple advertising channels to advertise the property to the public. With our professional photographer, the properties will be well-presented to attract more enquires on both internet and onsite display. The prospective tenants will be able to find real time information of rental properties on Skylink Property website. Regular reports will be sent out to the owners for the advertising process. 

We realized that vacancy is not what owners want

We understand that a high vacancy rate means less investment return for the owners. That’s why company rental policies require the lease-renew agreement to be sent out one month before tenants lease expires. So there will be sufficient time for us to advertise the property to look for new tenants. Skylink Property Management is endeavoring to minimize the vacancy rate to assist the owners to receive sustainable rental incomes.

We check everything to find good tenants

Good tenants will lead to a long term investment return. When good tenants lease the property, the property will be well-maintained and the rent will always be paid on time. In order to find good tenants for our clients, we will always collect clients’ 100 points of ID, rental reference and income statements. A rental history database checking will be applied to ensure a clean rental background of the tenant.

Regular inspection reports will be sent to owners to update the information

It is our job to check and make sure the properties are well-maintained all the time by tenants. Our experienced property managers will inspect our properties every three months to ensure the tenants have been looking after the properties. Photos of the properties will be taken and reports will be generated to send to owners to update the status of their properties.

We have good handymen, electricians and plumbers to maintain the properties

We have got appointment of contracts with experienced and licensed handymen, electricians and plumbers to go out for maintenance of the properties.  We will ensure the properties are in good hands to be well maintained.

We will be well-organized when the tenants are moving out

There will be issues left over when tenants are moving out. As your property managers, we will follow the entre condition reports as when tenants moved in to check if tenants have maintained everything to original. We will promptly follow up for any rent arrear even the court issues. Bond will not be released until the issues in questions have come to a satisfied outcome to both parties.

Landlord Insurance Cover

Landlord insurance policy is important to cover the loss when the bond is insufficient. E.g. The tenant not paying rent, abandoning the property and/or damaging the property. Therefore, we strongly recommend that every property has a current Landlord insurance policy in position.

Our fees and charges

Combined Management Fee

7% + G.S.T

Letting Fee (also will be charged when tenants sign a lease renew)   

One weeks rent +G.S.T


Administration Fees

Our cost

Internet and Advertising

At cost

Court Attendance Fees

$250 + G.S.T

Routine Inspection

Our cost

Additional requested Inspection

$150 +G.S.T

Maintenance Fees

At Cost